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Yours Is the Next Best Practice

Best Practices are viral by their nature. They are trends in design on a positive feedback loop. The more they are mimicked and aped, the more they are reinforced and the more Best the Practice becomes. In UX design, we use Best Practices because they are what we think the user expects.  If we can give the user the experience…

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Designed to Linger

As user experience designers we are often trying to facilitate the user to reach their goal most efficiently. We want the fewest clicks, the fastest path, or the most targeted dive into a taxonomy to maximize performance and reduce the time taken to perform whatever task our user is attempting. It can be extremely challenging to take complex business logic,…

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Designing for What? (The convergence of ‘mobile’ and ‘desktop’ in UX design.)

I recently attended a seminar about accessibility issues on mobile devices. The categories of mobile devices listed included smartphones, phablets and tablets amongst others. These categories, and many of the accessibility solutions outlined at the seminar, underscore an outdated dichotomy in design between the mobile device and the desktop. Previously, there were a number of clear distinctions between mobile and…

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